Small progress, but progress….


“Project M” has been underway for a couple weeks but we had to press hold for about 10 days. We would have been further but it was by choice.

So anyway, we took out the most of the cabinets and countertop. I know, I can hear you now – but all that storage??? As someone who has moved in the past year, you can see how much stuff you tend to collect that you do not need and this kind of storage is just an enabler. AND what is going to replace it will be a huge improvement. Just you wait and see :)

You can see in the picture, the walls were not painted behind the cabinets. Even though our plan includes covering this wall up, we decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. We used Anonymous by Behr which is one of my absolute favorite go-to colors. 

Super excited to keep working on this project! More updates to come this week!