Thanks Kirk and Dad

Kirk is my new friend. He works in the lumber department at Lowes. At first I think he was a little skeptical of me. A woman, platinum blonde at that asking him to make several cuts for my project. I started telling him what I need and he's looking at me like I have three heads. No joke. 

I pulled out my sketch explained to him what I was working on. You see, my dad was an engineer and a DIY'er. He'd take his Fridays off in the summer to spend time with us and ultimately drag us to the home store. He built decks and finished the basement complete with a sauna. I was mostly the runner - get me this, go find that.  But I watched and learned so much more. For this I am grateful for those Friday afternoons.

Project M is almost complete. Unfortunately, I am going to be on a trip and won't be able to make the finishing touches for the reveal just yet. But here is a sneak peak of Project M. I have much more to say about this butcher block when we are all done. ;)

Sink top.JPG