The 3 D's; depersonalize, declutter, decorate

3 most important steps to take before putting a house on the market.

Depersonalize. You’re selling your space not your stuff.
It's important for a potential buyer to be able to envision themselves in your home. It may be awkward when they are viewing a home full of pictures of someone else's family. Or they might not have a family and could see this as a "family home" and think it's not right for them. This is why depersonalization is important.  
So what does that mean? You should remove family pictures, the dog kennel in the laundry room, your kid’s artwork on the fridge, and memorabilia. When it comes to depersonalization, home stagers will be objective and honest.

Then declutter some more. It’s easy to accumulate things. There’s an appliance for everything. The bread maker, the pizza pizzazz, and the margarita maker to name a few. Remove all unnecessary “stuff” in your home; off season clothing (or the clothing that doesn’t fit anymore but you’re sure it will again someday) rarely used appliances, documents and pictures.
This may mean making several trips to Goodwill or renting a storage unit. This may sound extreme but you’re going to be moving and there are many things you can do without for a month or two that will make your home feel lighter.

This is the most important part of preparing your home for sale and where a home stager can add most value.  For best showing, your walls should be painted a neutral but on trend color. Beige is neutral, but all beiges are not created equal. A stager is going to have good recommendations that are trending in home building or home décor.

Home stagers often have their own supplies like rugs, home décor pieces and furniture. Home stagers also understand how to arrange furniture that can make a room feel larger. Most home stagers not only have their own supplies but should have tips and tricks that are affordable.