Bookcase Styling

I'm going to apply some basic decorating rules for styling the bookcase. 

#1- Remove the clutter. If you're moving, you need to start packing anyway, right? If you're not moving but looking for some styling tips, my guess is you may need to declutter.

#2 Decorate in 3's. An odd number of items creates visual interest. It keeps the eye guessing where as with even objects it's more predictable and boring. 

#3 Vary heights- Do not put two objects together that are the same height. Rather, put something between them that are different heights. 

#4 Layer - Layer in d├ęcor pieces, like frames, boxes, objects of interest, bowls, or botanicals. 

#5 - Add texture -  Texture is important because it adds dimension and creates interest to the eye. 

Here is another bookcase styled using all the same principals. Stay posted for the reveal of my bookcase very soon!

bookcase project 1.jpg